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What is it?

You can now launch JamesScape directly from your desktop, without all the typical browser clutter and this is where the JamesScape Client comes in. Even better, it doesn’t require Java to be installed and doesn’t require administrator privileges for your PC or Mac to run. It’s also an open source application.

How does it work?

It uses a different version of the Java Virtual Machine to the one made available in browsers via a plugin. It uses the open-source (GNU GPLv2 with the Classpath Exception) OpenJDK platform, which when run launches the class loader (and in term the game), the same as a normal browser does.

How to install it

Windows: Click here to download.

Mac: Click here to download. (In software mode, resizing the client window can cause it to freeze)

If you are having problems, please either contact us directly or visit our technical forums for troubleshooting tips.

As it's open-source software you can get OpenJDK and the code used to create the JamesScape game window here.

These are the only official JamesScape downloads. Unofficial downloads from other sites may contain viruses, keyloggers, etc., so if you want to run the game outside your browser we recommend that, to keep your account safe, you only use the client from here.

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